Top 4 SNES Emulators for Mac

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Best SNES Emulator Mac? – Over the last few decades, the gaming industry has faced numerous changes. Some were good and some were also pretty bad but the change happened. And over the course of those decades, the popular portable gaming consoles completely disappeared from the face of the earth. 

The biggest change for the Nintendo portable console happened with the advent of smartphones. It became an all-in-one device where you can also play games. And it also evolved. There are titles like PUBG, COD, Mini Militia, and Doodle Army available which are pretty good. But the titles that came with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System were not only good, but they felt exciting. It was the golden age of portable gaming. But these days tracking down an old system is pretty much impossible. But playing the old SNES titles is completely a different issue. 

The consoles may not be available but using an emulator you will be able to play those classic games easily on the latest platforms like macOS. So, if you want to take a good look at those old titles, then check out our list for the SNES emulator Mac

snes emulator macOS

Best Super Nintendo SNES Emulators for MacOS

  1. RetroArch 
  2. OpenEmu
  3. SNES9x
  4. Nestopia UE

1) RetroArch

Retro Arch is one of the most popular emulators to play the old SNES games. This is quite a versatile emulator that not only works for SNES but other platforms as well. Retro Arch is compatible with macOS for sure but its cross-platform capability makes it suitable for Windows and Linux platforms as well.

Retro Arch works smoothly with macOS High Sierra and the later versions of the OS. Its interface is simple and Retro Arch comes with some stunning features like netplay, Shaders, FPS count, and more. 

Overall, Retro Arch is an excellent choice to play SNES games on macOS. It is considered the best SNES emulator by a major part of the SNES community. 


2) OpenEmu

openemu mac

The OpenEmu is also an excellent emulator designed to play SNES games but only on the macOS. This emulator was developed in the year 2007 but back then, it was just a port for the Famicom emulator.

Now, things have changed and OpenEmu has become a stand-alone Mac-specific emulation tool. It works similar to RetroArch. The user interface is very clean and it is easy to operate. Open SMU was also designed to run using low resources which means you do not have to use a high-end Mac device to play those classic games. 

So, if you are only looking for emulators for Mac; OpenEmu will be an excellent choice. 


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3) SNES9x

Snes9x snes emulator for macOS

Everyone who knows something about emulators heard the name SNES9x. It is a very popular emulator, known for its capability to launch SNES titles quickly. 

SNES9x is known for its unparalleled gaming experience on low-end devices. It runs very smoothly on Mac but it also comes with support for Windows and Linux platforms. 

SNES9x provides users with a few special features like enhanced graphics, a save game portal, video capture, and more. It is quite a popular choice but do not expect a complete error-free experience.    


4) Nestopia UE

The final SNES emulator on our list is Nestopia UE. It is a good emulator for Mac that gained popularity due to its unique features like netplay and texture scaling. 

Now, the original version of Nestopia UE was called Nestopia. The original version, Nestopia, is dead as its development was halted back in 2008. The Nestopia UE is its updated version, the ‘UE’ stands for Undead Edition.

Nestopia UE comes with cheat support and Famicom mic support. Installation is simple and this particular emulator comes with V-sync support which is quite rare. 



Hence, if you were seeking a SNES emulator Mac for running the classic SNES tiles on your Mac, you do not have to look any further than our article. We have detailed 4 top of line SNES emulators for Mac that will let you enjoy the old games on the latest version of macOS with ease.