How to Fix No Sound on iPhone

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“My iPhone has suddenly stopped making any sound when it rings. It was sudden and I missed a few calls. But when I got understood what is happening, I came to realize that the iPhone is not making any sound during calls and while watching a video. I do not understand what is happening with the device. But getting a new iPhone is not possible at the moment. How do I fix this?”

The iPhones are stunning devices with state-of-the-art functionality. Each year Apple tries to overcome some of the issues users had with the older models with the latest models. But even with Apple’s foresight, the no sound on iPhone has transitioned to the latest models and users are pretty frustrated with it. This is a multi-layered issue that stops the iPhone from making sound during calls, videos, and even on headphones. It needs to be looked in immediately. We recommend reading the rest of the article to check out the solutions we have listed.

About the iPhone No Sound Problem and the Root Causes

The no sound on iPhone is an elaborate problem. This problem results in several unique issues, always related to the iPhone sound. Here is the list of problems…

  • No sound on iPhone at all
  • No sound while ringing
  • While on call, the other side is unable to hear the voice
  • While on call, you are unable to hear the voice from the other side
  • On-call volume is way too low
  • Noisy background during calls or while playing music
  • No sound while playing games or playing videos
  • No sound on headphones

As you can see, iPhone sound not working consists of a variety of problems, and not every iPhone will face some problem. This is a unique problem that carried on from the older devices to the latest ones.

Even when it comes to the root cause of this problem; it is always different. In most cases, the problem is caused due to a firmware bug. But there are also cases where the problem occurred temporarily and even disappeared on its own. In some cases, the hardware components were damaged and some were caused by firmware updates which got fixed simply by downgrading the software. So, you can face different problems and it can be caused by numerous unknown reasons.

As an iPhone user, it will be near impossible to detect the root cause. So, we recommend focusing on the fixes. We have listed the most effective fixes below as mildly as possible. Check them out and try to implement them. Maybe the very first one won’t work or even the second one. But most definitely, one of the fixes will react to your device’s condition and fix it.

7 Easy Fixes for No Sound on iPhone

As no sound on iPhone is an elaborate problem; the root cause can be anything from damaged speakers to buggy firmware. This is the reason we didn’t leave anything to chance and have listed an abundance of solutions to help the users one way to other. So, without further ado, start going through the fixes.

1) Restart the Device

This doesn’t sound very convincing but whatever the issue may be facing with your iPhone, the fix will always begin with a simple restart.

This isn’t anything groundbreaking but a simple reboot is capable of minor firmware glitches and temporary conflicts with 3rd party applications. So, reboot your iPhone; drag that slider to the edge to turn off the device. Then, a few minutes later, turn it back on again.

2) Check the Switch

The Switch we are referring to is the Silent/Mute switch at the side of your iPhone. This switch has only two positions. If the switch is pushed in the direction of the back of the iPhone, then a bright orange-colored portion comes out which means your mobile is silent. Of course, the other way means the sound is active.

So, you just need to be sure that sound is active on your iPhone.

3) Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is an excellent feature on the iPhone, capable of silencing several types of alerts and sounds.

If you have this function enabled unknowingly on your iPhone, then you have to deal with the no sound on iPhone issue. So, you need to disable this function to make the iPhone sound normal again.

Open the Settings app on the iPhone and locate the Do Not Disturb option. There is a switch beside this function, click on it to Disable it. Now, upon visiting the Settings app, you may find the said function to be already disabled. This means the sound issue on the iPhone wasn’t caused due to the activation of this function. Move on to the next solutions.

4) Turn Off Bluetooth

Now, Bluetooth doesn’t cause any problems with iPhone sound or anything. But it can be responsible if it is still connected to the wireless headset. If the wireless headset is still connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth, then the sound is reaching to the headset instead of the speakers.

So, turning off the Bluetooth breaks that connection. If the iPhone sound has stopped due to this reason, then you will start getting sound immediately after turning off the Bluetooth.

5) Reset All Settings

If you still haven’t been able to get rid of no sound on your iPhone, then you should reset all iPhone settings.

This is a heavy fix and it can also create a conflict of interest for some users as they will lose all custom settings. But you should go for it as it gives a chance of fixing the iPhone sound issue.

It is a simple procedure. Navigate to the Settings General  Reset Reset All Settings. All the customizations will be gone. Hopefully, so8und will come back.

6) Check the iPhone Speakers

This one is in the realm of physical damage. If the iPhone has recently fallen out of your hands or got damaged somehow and the sound stopped coming just after it. There’s a high probability that the iPhone speakers have been damaged.

So, navigate to the Settings Sounds & Haptics. There will be an option called Ringers and Alerts. Now, move the volume slider to increase the volume. If you hear the sound in full volume then the speakers are working fine. If the sound is on the lower side or there is no sound, then you surely have damaged speakers. Your iPhone needs hardware repair.

7) Update the iOS

Last but not least, if the speakers are fine and all the discussed solutions have failed to fix no sound on iPhone, then update the iOS. A new update comes with several fixes and updated features. So, a firmware update can fix the problem that you are struggling with.

Sadly, a new update won’t always be ready for you to install. If an update is available, you can install it using the following steps.

Navigate to the Settings General Software Update Download and Install.

Signing Off

Hence, the no sound on iPhone is an elaborate issue and you have to be ready to implement different types of solutions depending on the problems you are having. Nonetheless, we have covered it all. If your iPhone sound is not working, start implementing the listed solutions one by one, you will get settled with a proper fix, eventually.