iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

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My iPhone 12 Pro touch suddenly stopped working after updating to iOS 14. I don’t get it. What happened? Is it due to the update? What should I do?

The problem with the iPhone screens is nothing new. The old generation of iPhones had the problem and it has succeeded to the newer models. The problem with the touch screen is mostly related to display replacement. After that, in almost all cases the problem appeared after the iOS update. The iPhone touch screen not working is a sudden problem that appears out of nowhere. Read the rest of the article to learn about possible solutions.

Why is the iPhone Touch Screen Not Working?

The iPhone screen problem is nothing new. It is an issue that has been bothering the users for years. The problem even transitioned to the new generations of iPhone. Although, unlike the older generation the number of affected devices has decreased significantly.

The iPhone touch screen problem first appeared on an iPhone whose screen was replaced with a display from a different manufacturer. iPhone displays are quite fragile and replacing the broken one with a cheaper display was supposed to be a good alternative. Unfortunately, it backfired. Later, it was found out that the problem was also appearing on iPhones whose screens were replaced with Apple displays.

This raised some eyebrows. Although, Apple fixed the problem at that time. There was news still popping up about unresponsive iPhone screens with the next-generation iPhones. On most of the devices, the problem started appearing after the iOS update.

Sadly, it has been years. The problem even appeared on some of the latest iPhone 12 models. Apple is nowhere with the fixes. There aren’t any listed definite causes for this problem. But we have come up with a few solutions that may help to resolve the iPhone touch screen not working.

Fixes for iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

It is not easy to fix a problem that appears out of nowhere. The iPhone touch screen not working problem is kind of like that. There aren’t any particular reasons associated with the issue. For some users, it appeared after the iOS update and for some users, it just appeared one fine day.

But if you are having to deal with it. The following solutions are most likely to ease the problem of the iPhone screen not responding to touch.

1) Clean the Screen

This is very simple. Just clean the screen. Most users don’t even care about cleaning their mobile phones. In most cases, this shouldn’t be an issue but your iPhone touch is not working, then we recommend cleaning the screen.

Now, cleaning the screen is very simple. Do not drown the device in any solution. Get a microfibre cloth. Use a 70% Alcohol solution on it. Just a few drops, not too wet. And rub it on the display.

If you are lucky, this will not only clean the display but also fix it.

2) Hard Reboot

We would have told you to simply restart the device. But with the iPhone screen not working, that will not be possible. So, you have to make a hard reboot.

Hard Reset

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3) Start Deleting Files/Conflicting Programs

iPhones are known to function improperly when the storage is full. It is one of the biggest complaints about the device. Unfortunately, the full storage can also be the one responsible for the iPhone touch screen not working.

So, start clearing iPhone storage as fast as possible. Either delete the unnecessary files or transfer them to the cloud or a different device. You have to clear space immediately.

On the other hand, removing unnecessary apps or conflicting programs can also clear space or even help to fix the device. If you are in the habit of using apps from 3rd party vendors, then we recommend removing them this instant. The said programs could be conflicting with the iOS, making the touch screen non-responsive.

4) Update iOS

If the touch screen still hasn’t been restored, look for an iOS update. This fix will not work all the time as iOS updates aren’t always available.

So, check for available updates. Navigate to Settings General Software Update. If an iOS update is available, you will be shown the Download & Install option.

5) Fix the 3D Touch Settings

The 3D touch settings can be responsible for this problem too. So, you need to sort it out as quickly as possible.

Step-1: Navigate to Settings → General Accessibility.

Step-2: Locate the 3D Touch option.

Now, you just have to adjust the sensitivity using the slider.

6) Hardware Fix

If the iPhone touch screen is still not working, take it to the nearest Apple Support Centre. If the problem is with the hardware, you won’t be able to fix or even detect it. So, taking the device to the professionals would be the best choice.

Signing Off

Hence, the iPhone touch screen not working can appear out of nowhere. If you haven’t had the display replaced, then we can’t tell you of any potential reasons at all. Most likely, it is a manufacturing defect that appears on a few devices from a single batch. Needless to say, if you are having to deal with a non-responsive iPhone display, the discussed solutions will be a lot of help.