How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone

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After purchasing a new iPhone it is natural for us to try to transfer the contacts list to the new iPhone. Unfortunately, this procedure is not as easy as it sounds to most people. Let’s make one thing clear, transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone is simple and there are multiple ways to go about it. The issue is that the involved procedures are very specific. So, the procedures are quite unknown to most of the readers. But there is nothing to worry about. We will tell you how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone in the simplest way possible. 

4 Excellent Ways to Transfer Contacts to New iPhone

Transferring all your contacts to your new iPhone is easy. You just need to be aware of the specific methods involved. Most prominently, users are comfortable with the iCloud method as it is the most popular way to transfer contacts. But there are also other ways and you can try transferring contacts to your new iPhone. 

In this part of the article, we will be discussing 4 effective ways to transfer contacts to new iPhone. They are all easy methods but check the details properly for accurate execution. That being said, here’s how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Transferring Contacts to the New iPhone using iCloud Backup

After getting a new iPhone, it is natural for you to transfer all the important files to the new device including contacts. iCloud backup is the most popular way to conduct this transfer, it is easy and effective. Here’s how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone with iCloud backup…

Step #1: Just open your old iPhone and connect it to the Wi-Fi. 

Step #2: Now, navigate to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud

Step #3: You have to make sure that the Contacts switch is toggled on. 

Step #4: Choose the iCloud Backup option.

Step #5: Then, tap on Backup Now

Step #6: Now, open your new iPhone and execute the setup procedure properly. 

Step #7: When you see the Apps & Data screen, just tap on Restore from the iCloud backup option.  

Step #8: You will be asked to use your Apple ID. Sign in and choose the backup file of your old iPhone you just created. 

Now, you just have to wait for the transfer procedure to get finished.  Afterward, continue with the setup procedure. 

Note: Remember, iCloud doesn’t only backup your Contacts but the data on the entire device. So, when you restore the iCloud backup, all the files including Contacts will be transferred to your new iPhone.  

Transferring Contacts to the New iPhone using iCloud Sync

In the past method, we discussed iCloud’s backup feature for transferring contacts to a new iPhone. This method involves the use of the iCloud app but doesn’t involve the use of its backup function. 

The iCloud Sync is known for its unique advantage among iOS users. It is a feature that lets users access every bit of data from different Apple devices. So, all the Apple devices are simply connected via this feature. So, if you have already been using the new iPhone, you will be able to transfer the contacts on your new iPhone using iCloud sync and you won’t even have to reset the device. 

Step #1: You need to connect both your new and old iPhones to the Wi-Fi. 

Step #2: Now, make sure that you have logged in to your Apple ID on both of the devices. Navigate to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Contacts.  

Step #3: Tap on the Contacts to turn it on. You have to choose the Merge option when you are asked. 

Now, you just have to wait. The contacts will sync between old and the new devices as long as both devices are logged in with the same Apple ID and the sync feature is activated.  

Transferring Contacts to the New iPhone using iTunes

With all the discussion about the iCloud app, we must not forget about the 2nd most important and the default iOS app, iTunes. Yes, you can also depend on iTunes to transfer contacts to your new iPhone. Here’s how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes…   

Step #1: You need to connect the old iPhone to the computer via USB cable. 

Step #2: On the computer, run the iTunes app. on the iTunes panel, select your iPhone when visible, and click on the Info option. 

Step #3: Now, select the Sync Contacts option. 

Step #4: After the sync, you have to disconnect your old iPhone and connect to the new one.  

Step #5: Again, click on the Info and make sure that the Sync Contacts option is turned on. 

Step #6: Now, start to scroll down and visit the Advanced menu. 

Step #7: Look under Replace Information on this iPhone and check the box beside Contacts

Step #8: Finally, click on the Apply button below to successfully sync the contacts to your new iPhone. 

So, is this procedure a bit elaborate? Yes, it is. But, does it work? Most definitely. The fact is, due to faulty internal mechanics with these old application and server problems; anything can go wrong. There is no way to predict when the blunder will happen. So,  

Importing Contacts to a New iPhone from a SIM Card

This is not a particularly effective way to transfer contacts to a new iPhone as it is well-known that iPhones do not store contacts on SIM cards. But if the SIM card already contains some of your contacts, then you will be able to transfer them to the new iPhone by just inserting the SIM card into the device.  

Step #1: First, make sure that the old SIM card fits in the new iPhone card slot.  

Step #2: Now, insert the SIM card into the new iPhone. 

Step #3: Navigate to Settings > Contacts > Import SIM Contacts. 

Just wait a bit, the contacts will be imported successfully to the new iPhone. 

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer Contacts to a New iPhone without the Old iPhone

The 4 methods we have discussed in the previous part of this article for transferring contacts to an iPhone are genuinely effective and easy to execute.  You will be able to successfully transfer contacts using such procedures with one exception. If you had to buy a new iPhone as the old one was broken or stolen, none of the previously conversed approaches will work for this situation.

So, there are procedures available specially dedicated for this kind of situation. Let’s have a look. Here’s how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone… 

iCloud Method

Step #1: So, you have to visit and sign in using the corresponding Apple ID

Step #2: Click on the Contacts option. All your contacts will be synced with the iCloud account and you can easily transfer them to your new iPhone.  

Now, follow the steps to the iCloud backup method we have previously discussed. You will be able to transfer contacts to your new iPhone.  

iTunes Method

Now, there is a possibility of you not having contacts synced with iCloud. And if the contacts are not synced, you won’t be able to execute the previous procedure. But you still have iTunes backup which can be restored using the following steps. 

Step #1: Activate the new iPhone and follow the setup guide. 

Step #2: In the Apps & Data page, tap on the Restore from iTunes Backup option

Step #3: Now, connect the new iPhone to the computer via USB cable. This is the computer where your old iTunes backup files are saved. 

Step #4: Run the iTunes app and on the app panel, select the new iPhone. 

Step #5: Lastly, click on Restore Backup

This is not the end of the procedure. A list of iTunes backup files will be opened and you have to select the most recent backup file among them. If you are having trouble selecting, sort them by date. Keep the iPhone connected to iTunes and the Wi-Fi until the transfer is finished. 

Note: If your iTunes backup file is encrypted, you will be required to enter the password. Without a password, this method will not proceed.  


Hopefully, you are satisfied with our answer for how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. There are multiple ways you can handle the transfer but we leave the choice up to our readers. The methods are quite simple but the choice varies from individual to individual.