How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

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If you are new to iPhones or recently changed your service provider, you will need to set up voicemail on your iPhone. But several iPhone users are having trouble while setting up as the online forums are flooded with quarries about iPhone voicemail.

So, how to set up voicemail on iPhone?

In terms of difficulty, setting up voicemail on an iPhone is not troubling at all. Customers are just confused about where to begin? So, we are here to guide you throughout the entire iPhone voicemail setting up process. Be sure to check out the steps below.

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone

The voicemail feature on an iPhone is also known as Visual Voicemail.

Now, why it is called Visual Voicemail?

Unlike voicemails on other devices, the iPhone lets you see the voicemails without calling the number. This is the specialty of iPhone voicemails. Due to the visual voicemail feature, you can get a complete list of all the voicemails and get to choose which one you need to listen to immediately and which ones to save for later or share or delete.

Besides the visual voicemail function, the iPhone has another feature. It is called the Voicemail-to-Text feature. Basically, a transcript of the voicemail messages will be available to you. Simply, you are getting full control over your voicemails. You can organize, play, delete and share voicemails as you wish. But before you get to do all this stuff. You have to set it up from the voicemail settings of the iPhone. So, let’s check out how to set up voicemail on iPhone…

Step-1: Navigate to the Phone App on the iPhone and tap on the Voicemail icon at the right-hand corner.

Step-2: On the voicemail interface, tap on the Set Up Now button.

Tapping on the button will provide access to two choices. The first choice is to enter the old password. This is only applicable if you have used the iPhone’s voicemail service in the past. The second choice is for the new users. They have to create a password and then type the password. After completing the procedure, tap Done.

Step-3: Now, a Greeting screen will appear.

If you are not the one for customizations, just select Default and tap Done to skip the step. But if you want a customized greeting screen, then choose Custom. After that, tap on Record for recording your personalized greeting. Then, hit Play to repeat. If you are satisfied with what you have created; tap Done.

Officially, the iPhone voicemail setup is complete. You will be able to share voicemails via AirDrop or save them as Audio Memo if you want to save space. Simply, tap on the desired voicemail and tap on the Share button.

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Setting Up the Transcript

Well, we should be finished with setting up voicemail but if you want the transcript feature enabled, you have to go through a few more steps.

The voicemail transcript is nothing new. This feature has been a staple of iOS since the iPhone 6S. Apple basically takes the voice messages and runs them through their servers. Transcribing the audio files into text documents.

Step-1: You need to enable Siri via Settings.

Step-2: Navigate to Settings Siri & Search → Language English (U.S) or English (Canada).

Now, you have successfully set up the transcript function. Just tap on any voicemail and the text transcription of it will be visible.

Note: While Apple’s voicemail service is quite excellent and comes with the transcription feature, you may still feel that it is missing something, or simply you may not be fond of this Apple feature at all. In that case, we recommend employing a 3rd party voicemail application. Several voicemail apps are available in the App Store. We recommend HulloMail Voicemail and YouMail.

Signing Off

How to set up voicemail on an iPhone, is a valid question for the new iPhone users. It is mostly the new users who face difficulty while setting up. As the iPhone’s voicemail is called “Visual Voicemail” which is confusing for newcomers. But there shouldn’t be anything to worry about for our readers. As the guide, we have provided is extremely detailed and easy to understand.