How to Name a Group Text on iPhone

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iOS is full of wonders and it is advertised as an easy-to-use eco-system. But it can be over-bearing for some of the users. Especially if the user has recently transitioned from a different platform. One of the first issues faced by new users is naming or creating a message group. While it is pretty simple on other platforms, iOS has added its unique twist on group text conversations. So, if you want to know more about how to name a group text on iPhone, read our guide below.

How to Name a Group Text on an iPhone?

Naming a group text on iPhone is easy. But it is possible on iMessage only, MMS messages do not share such features. Meaning, all the participants of the group need to be iPhone users or at least a user of other Apple devices like iPad or Mac.

So, with that out of the way, let’s find out how to name a group text on iPhone.

Step-1: Open the Messages app to create a new message. So, tap on the icon that looks like a Paper and Pencil.

Step-2: Now, enter the name of the people in your iPhone contact that you wish to add to the group. These people will get the very first message.

Step-3: Tap on the section where it shows the number of people in the group and then tap on the Info icon.

Step-4: You also need to tap on Change Name and Photo.

Note: If the option is not available, then someone in the group is not using iMessage.

Step-5: Now, enter the name of your choice for the text group. After entering the name, tap Done to save the name.

Finally, you have to tap Done again to close the edit view. But these steps only tell you about the process to name a new text group. But if you want to change the name of an existing group, you will have to take a bit different approach.

How to Change the Name of an Existing Chat Group on an iPhone?

After answering, how to create a group on iPhone. We reckon that it is also the best time to tell you about changing the name of an existing iPhone chat group.

Step-1: Navigate to the Conversation and tap on the tiny arrow or the name of the group.

Step-2: Head to the Info icon and tap on the existing name of the chat group.

Step-3: Enter the new name and then tap Done to save it.

Step-4: Again, tap Done to exit the edit view.

Changing the name of an existing chat group on an iPhone is not so different but it is clearly something users have known to stumble upon. If you are new to group text, you might also want to check out the guide on how to leave a group chat on your iPhone.

Signing Off

Hence, naming a group chat on iPhone is nothing inherently difficult. As you can see, answering how to name a group text on iPhone was very easy. But the procedure includes several numbers of layered steps which is more or less difficult for regular users to figure out.