How to Leave a Group Chat on iPhone

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The iMessage is a service on the iPhone and other similar Apple devices. It is the default messaging app but it is also not your conventional chatting platform. It provides a wider service.

Due to iMessage being the default messaging app, it is preferred by most iOS users and like any other chatting platform, a group chat feature is also available. Now, like joining a group, leaving is also very common and this is part iOS users find difficult. Most of them stumble upon the idea of how to leave a group chat on an iPhone. While the task is simple, a few precise steps. You will find more details in the article below. Users also have trouble naming group texts on iPhone. This is kind of a related issue and if you are having trouble with the same, take a peek at naming a group text on the iPhone article on our website.

Why It Becomes Necessary to leave a Group Chat?

Truth to be told, sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to leave a group. For most people, a group is nothing but a place where family members having conversations and wishing each other. And frankly, these groups are not the issue.

The problem comes with the school, college, or office chat groups. Most of the time, one or more annoying people join the group and ruins everything. It can be anything from constant messaging to inappropriate content.

So, yes. This is a valid concern and such toxic environments should be discarded immediately. But without knowing how to remove yourself from a group text, leaving becomes impossible. We recommend checking out the steps for leaving the iPhone chat group below.

How to Leave a Group Chat on an iPhone

The parameters of joining an iMessage chat group are very simple. You just have to have a supported device. With that simple requirement and necessary permissions, anyone is free to join the group. But how to leave a group chat on your iPhone?

Let’s check out the steps; shall we!

Step-1: Open an iMessage group chat. There will be circles on the top, notifying how many people are in the group.

Step-2: On the right-hand side, there is a small arrow.

Step-3: Tap on the arrow and then tap on Info.

Step-4: Now, in the Info menu, scroll down and tap on Leave This Conversation.

So, this is how to leave a group text on iPhone. It’s simple, you will be able to leave any iMessage group chats on your iPhone.

Signing Off

As you can see, leaving a group chat on an iPhone is easy. There is nothing especially complicated about it. But users still ask, how to get out of a group text. We think that users are just having trouble locating the Leave This Conversation option on their respective iOS devices. But that confusion should be clear, now. It is simple and just a few steps ahead.