A Simple Guide to Install GBA4iOS on iOS 14.6

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The Game Boy Advance from Nintendo was probably the company’s most successful launch ever. It became the most sought-after portable gaming console and over the years a lot of popular games were released that were specially developed to run on this particular console. 

But the Game Boy console is lost in time. It is old and doesn’t even compare to the devices of this generation. But the games released on that platform were pure gold. There were big titles like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Final Fantasy series, Castlevania, and a lot more. Sadly, they do not make games like these anymore. So, if you are a fan of those old games and looking forward to playing them again; you do not need to go and look for an old Game Boy Advance module. 


This is the 21st century. Simply, Install GBA4iOS on iOS 14 and start playing the games. GBA4iOS is an emulation tool and it enables you to play those old games on your iOS device. The only requirement is that you have an iOS device, as GBA4iOS doesn’t work with any other platforms. So, before you get all nostalgic with your childhood memories, let us show you the operational details of this tool in order to operate it properly..


Is Safe to Use?

It is easy to suspect GBA4iOS but this is a simple emulation tool. And the emulation tools are the most popularly used apps in the industry. A lot of people use similar emulator tools in order to play their favorite games on the latest platforms.

One thing is for sure, compared to other emulator tools, GBA4iOS is safer. Installation is simple. You can easily install GBA4iOS on iPhone with iOS 14 without jailbreak. This app has also been tested for years by numerous users. Their strong opinions toward this app rendered it to the best Pokémon emulator iOS available for free. 

NOTE: GBA4iOS is not your run-of-the-mill emulator app. This app comes with an official website and officially available on the App Store. It is rare for an emulator to be available on the App Store. Nonetheless, GBA4iOS comes with an official Enterprise Certificate for iOS installation. It is similar to the beta testing procedure. The app also doesn’t require any sort of special permission.  

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How to Install GBA4iOS on iPhone, iPad Running iOS 14

As the earlier discussion dictated, it is easy to Install GBA4iOS on iOS 14 and it doesn’t require jailbreaking the device. But in order to install the app on the latest version of iOS, a few intricate steps are necessary. So, it is best if you check out the detailed procedure below. 

Step#1: Open your iPhone and navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Wi-Fi & Cellular Data. Make sure the Wi-Fi & Cellular Data option is selected. 

Step#2: After that, navigate to Settings > Battery Settings > Low Power Mode. Make sure the Low Power Mode is turned off.

Step#3: Now, open Safari. But you can use any browser if you like. Type toptweaks.pro.

Step#4: In the toptweaks.pro search bar, type GBA4iOS. GBA4iOS will appear and tap on the Signed option. 

Step#5: In the following panel, tap on the Start Injection option.  

Step#6: The injection process will take a minute to complete. A verification panel will appear, tap on the Verify Now option below to proceed. 

Step#7: After the completion, you will be asked to complete 2 offers from the appeared list. 

Choose the easiest option from the list and there is no need to sign in to the apps. Just make sure to run them for 40 to 50 seconds. After you have successfully completed the offer, the GBA4iOS app icon will appear on the Home Screen. 

Important Note: The process doesn’t end here. The GBA4iOS app has been installed successfully but it is only an emulator. In order to play the games, you need to install the ROMs (Read-only Memory) of the original games on your device. Beware, the ROMs are the software versions of the games and they are protected by Copyright Infringement Laws. Do not download them illegally. Download them from the original sources. There is a free website available that provides the ROMs for free. The name of the website is RomsMania.cc


In all regards, GBA4iOS has proven to be the best emulator for iOS devices. This emulator has made it possible to reminisce about childhood memories on the latest platforms. But a rumor of discontinuation has surrounded GBA4iOS. If that happens, we suggest our reader adapt the Delta Emulator. This emulator was developed by the same team and it is considered the successor for GBA4iOS.